Introduction: Augmenting Your Selfie

First, ensure that the setting is well lit, and take your "selfie." 

*noun, informal
a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

Step 1: Color Boost

Now you're ready to upload your image into a photo editing program.
Maybe you should "boost the color" to give yourself that fresh from the beach look.

Step 2: Hightened Exposure

So that was a fun exercise in effects, but now its time for the good stuff. Lets head over to Adjustments and brighten up our exposure. This gives us that ephemeral glowing look.

Step 3: Lessened Contrast

Alright so we cannot forget that the whole idea here is not honest portraiture, but rather.. This is the space in which we can construct a better us. Lets work on that skin tone. Head on over to contrast and take it down a few notches. Why not even it all up and get rid of the signs of wear and tear a bit.. 

Step 4: Temperature Change

So who doesn't dream of running off to a lush rainforest and leaving behind this drab climate!? Those who cannot do, fake it. Lets get on over to temperature controls to add some blue and green.

Step 5: Wholesome Black and White

Alright well I'm rather sick of my own face now. How about we go ahead and make it black and white?! This is beneficial in that gaudy red lipstick becomes a classy dark hue of grey in an old time-y photograph. Really changes things..