Introduction: Aurora Shadow Lamp :D

It all started one fine morning, in Materials and Processing Lab 203, when our instructor asked us to make a lamp. Anything that gives out light and creates magic he said. Salvage the material around you to do this, he further added.

We decided to use simple concepts of grade six to come up with this.

Oh and we are a bunch of design sophomores from IIT Guwahati, India.

Step 1: The Concept.

It is based on the concept of multiple reflections and a light source casts a shadow.

To observe the path of a laser beam, a colloidal solution is required.

Step 2: Gather Your Props.

For this lamp, you will need:

1. Some plastic sheets to make the base

2. A plastic box ( we used a chocolate box! )

3. A strong laser beam. ( You can play with the numbers and colours )

4. Oil or any other colloidal solution which can show the path of laser beam!

5. Mirrors. ( Size and number according to the shape of your box )

6. A torch to cast the shadow

7. Mseal, Quickfix (Basically anything that helps you stick stuff together)

8. Cutter. ( That lets you cut your plastic sheets and mirrors )

That's all folks, let's create some magic.

Step 3: Laying Your Imagination on Paper!

If you can imagine it, you can make it! Go ahead. Sketch a stencil of the shape you want to cast the shadow with. You can always google for more ideas. Find out where you would like your magic box to be placed.

We decided to go with the silhouette of a skyline buildings with our magic box right in the middle.

Step 4: Setting the Stage for the Magic to Happen!

Trace the outline of your shape on the plastic sheet and cut it using a cutter. completer the box according to the dimensions of your magic box. Further cut out two boxes in the upper layer for the laser beams.

You can either leave the back side open or the side to adjust the laser beams.

Step 5: Making the Magic Box. ;)

The part you have been waiting for.

Stick mirrors on the four sides of the box. Leave the lower sides bare. Fill the box with oil (or any other colloid you have chosen). Play with the angles of laser beam to get the perfect beam path.

Step 6: Casting the Shadow!

This is the simplest part. Just grab a torch and see which angle and distance is best suited for the shadow to be cast. A plain wall right behind is our suggestion.

Step 7: Abracadabra!! Magic :)

Put the base, our magic box, laser beams and torch together. You can use Mseal or any other sticking wax to fix the laser beam.

You can always paste a few cutouts of paper or put up a few LED's to decorate it.

Voila! Your aurora shadow lamp is ready! :)

Hope you enjoyed making it as much as we did!