Indian Chai

Introduction: Indian Chai

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This makes two cups of authentic Indian CHAI...

Step 1: Ingredients

Water - 2cups
Black Pepper mill
Cinnamon stick or powder
Green Cardamom (2 to 3 pods)
Fennel seeds (4 to 6)
Black tea - orange pekoe, red rose or similar
1/2 cup Milk (2% or 3.5%)

Step 2: Prepare

Boil 2 cups of water for 10 minutes with fresh cut ginger (small amount of ginger is okay for flavour but can use more for clearing sinuses), add black pepper to sooth throat (1 full turn of a small pepper mill), add 4 to 6 fennel seeds for flavour, in winter to increase body warmth add cinnamon sticks and cardamom for flavour

Add tea leaves and boil for about 3 minutes (any black tea is okay, if using loose tea leaves then don’t boil them more than 2 minutes else tea becomes too strong)

Add ½ cup milk (2% or 3.5%) and boil until the tea starts rising and froths (if milk is not added then don’t boil again)

Add sugar as required and mix (generally 1 teaspoon per cup)

Step 3: Serve

Now chai is ready - using a strainer pour out the hot chai into two cups and Enjoy!

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