Introduction: Authentic Lighting

How to start?

Step 1: ​Materials

  • 90cm x 30cm x 2.5cm massive wooden plate
  • 2.5cm diameter 40cm length wooden stick
  • Hemp rope
  • Lacquer paint(walnut)
  • Paint bursh
  • Led spot light
  • Drill
  • Bandsaw
  • Sanding paper
  • 8 pieces screws
  • Elektrical cable
  • Elektrical tape
  • Silicon,
  • Lamp socket
  • Nippers

Step 2: Form

Cut 2 pieces square plates with bandsaw (25x25). After than measure 40cm 15 degrees and cut 4 pieces from the wooden stick. To locate the sticks between the plates mark proper points close to the corners. Drill the sticks by3.5cm intervals (5m drill recommended). Mark the center of the points and align them. After than use drill to locate the sticks between these plates by screws.

Step 3: Paint

Now the form must be painted by lacquare paint. Before the painting use the sanding paper for smooth surface and clean it gently. Now apply the painting and wait for 3 hours to dry and paint it again. Theese painting must be applied at least 3 times.

Step 4: Electrical Connection

Prepare the electrical connections until the from is dry. Connect the elektrical cable to socket and connect the lamp to the lamp socket and check it if it is working properly (switch on-off). Locate the socket to the center of the plate by silicon.

Step 5: Final

Prepare the hemp rope. Wrap the string around the power cable. Start from one of the stick’s first hole. Pass it through the hole later pass into the other stick’s second hole and whirl around the form like that. On each stick pass away one hole up than before.. Wrap the string around the whole form diagonally. ( So the scrolls rope form can be will be given at the end) Your lighting is ready :D

Step 6: The Result

It can be used as vertical and horizontal as be wished.You can wrap the rope by using different methods, kind and style, and ıt all depends on your imagination. Have fun. Enjoy the light *-*