Introduction: Auto Body Hammer Caddy

I have a lot of cars, some have dents some don't...

So, I collected quite a few body hammers and body dollies and and assortment of various auto body tools. However, I have a few favorites that I like to go and pull. I use these 4 hammers out all the time. They never had a proper place they were often tossed in drawers and boxes or whatever places. They got lost quite often in the garage.

I decided to make some sort of tote or caddy to have them on hand, and that way they are always on the ready.

I made it at TechShop Chandler,

Step 1: Materials: MDF or Plywood

I chose single faced Black MDF 3/16 straight from Home depot. The 2x4 sheet was about $11. I also used Titebond glue, I have a whole gallon so I am all set for a while. I glue everything with that...

Feel free to get whatever works for you. Make sure you adjust the plans to reflect your change otherwise it will not work...

Step 2: Actual Making

I drew the caddy in Solidworks, and when I had a pretty good model, I went ahead and cut the parts out of some cardboard to see if it looks OK. I did some tweaking and the drawings were ready for the Laser cutter. The files are included with the tutorial, so feel free to use them any way you see fit, and by all means modify them to suit your needs.

For cutting I used the "Medium Wood" with 0.24 thickness, which is a bit more than the actual wood but is the closest setting to complete cutting of the parts. Any less the parts do not cut completely, mor eand they get too cooked.

Each part is cut twice because by laminating two identical sides with glue you get a stiffer part. The tabs used for assembly are done in such way that the interlocking fit obtained, is friction tight, and will support the weight of the 4 hammers without gluing, yet it is easy to assembly.

Step 3: Assembly

When you are done cutting your parts, wipe them with some alcohol to clean the burnt residue. The files I created are arranged so I could cut two caddies at the time. Do not get confused, you actually need two identical parts if you make it from the same material. Just use Illustrator and arrange them however you want to get the proper parts cut.

Putting the caddy together is a bit of a puzzle, see the pictures and it should go easy. It is rather impossible to explain word for word.

Start with the two uprights, then the top, middle and finally the bottom. The middle goes in at an angle then locks into place by dropping on the center pins.


Step 4: Finishing

I used MDF that has a "skin" on top so there is no need for finish The laser blackening the edges actually makes the whole Caddy look uniform like it was made out of one piece. Just wipe the soot residue from the parts before assembly and it will look Great!!!

I hope You get some use out of this project tutorial. I have over 50 hammers of all kinds, I need to find a supplier for more wood :)

Enjoy !!!!