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Introduction: Auto Door Jiggler

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In this tutorial i will simply teach you how to get into your car if you lost your keys or locked them inside. This is not A tutorial teaching you how to break into cars, this instructable just came to me earlier today because of an incident with my girlfriends truck last week which saved us lots of money versus calling a tow company. I would like to share my experience and knowledge. enjoi!

Step 1: Vehicle Make and Model

In my case, it was a set of Toyota keys I lost so therefore I got a blank key that fits Toyota trucks from the local Walmart and got to work. now remember you don't have a key for reference to copy, so simply Google the kind of truck or car you have then click on images. it will give you images of different keys, next count how many notches are in the key. notches are the little zigzags in keys on the end of key. there's normally five or six and as long as you get your blank key to look somewhat similar to the image on Google you will be good to go

Step 2: Get Grindinnnn

Notice I have different kinds of files I got them at a harbor freight tools but you can get them many places Ace Hardware and much more. Remember the key doesn't have to be perfect as long as it is somewhat similar as the image on Google you want to thin the key out so it's not as thick as when it was new and start putting the notches.

Step 3: Finish Up and Test!!

the whole goal in this project is to create a key to look as if it has been used over and over for years until the key kind of just got worn out. so make a new key look old and worn out. once you have completed the final step, you will have to jiggle the key up and down while turning the key slightly and lightly in the door or in the ignition whatever it is your task beholds

Step 4: Vroom Vroom

my girlfriend has the truck but WILL post pics working starting and opening as soon as she returns. :) SO, if you can Stick the key in and it slides in smoothly your definitely on the plus side. if You're having trouble getting the key to go in, give it a little jiggle up and down while turning the key towards the way that opens your vehicle. It takes a little practice and sometimes a little time so don't get discouraged if its taking you a while or if you can't get it to work because you will eventually open it with patience. have fun and do at your own will! Remember to jiggle jiggle jiggle and don't break the key in the ignition!!

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago

    you've created a bump key :) always great to save money

    Dustin Rogers
    Dustin Rogers

    6 years ago

    For anyone that reads this, don't expect this method to start a newer vehicle that has anti-theft. You may get lucky enough to get the door open, but most cars (in the US) that are less than 15 years old have a RFID chip embedded in the head of the key. Those vehicles have to be programmed to recognize that RFID before it will start the engine.

    The notches in the edges of the key are for the pins of the tumbler to fall into. The number of different combinations of pin/notch depths is quite large. If you happened to grind your own notches based on a google image and it actually open the door then I'd say you got very very lucky.

    The instructable was well written, although some of the pictures were hard to decipher. You may consider adding notes to the photos.