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Introduction: Auto Mobile Prank

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Hello all you pranksters. Go ahead and leave a comment if you want. I had i fun time doing this prank so i decided to share it with you. This prank dose not harm anything in the process. Its time to work.

Warning: I am not in any way shape or form responsible if you take this prank to the next level or modify it to become harmful in any way.


Automobile parts(spare pistons, srews, nuts, bolts, gears, ecta etca)
Car jacks x2
Hydraulic car lift
Access to victims hood

Step 1: Lift

Step 1

Use the car lift to lift up the victims car just enough to slide in the car jacks and set them up. Dont worry were not taking apart there car so bear with me.

Step 2: Hood

Next slide out the lift and open up the hood of the car. place car parts not exactly out in the open but hidden a little so they dont see them at first.

Step 3: All Finished

Its best to leave the hood open a little so they see it and not go to the back of the car first. they will see the car parts and think that someone messed with there car but really its just propped up  on car jacks. Then bingo they got pranked.


 Eventually they will go around to the back and discover they have been pranked but you have the car lift out of sight so all you need to do is get the car down off the jacks and be on your way. Its best to do this prank on flat as possible ground, because they will try to go at first then realize that Theres a problem.

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