Introduction: Auto Pallet Shrink Wrapper

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Hey fellow instructed and window shoppers, I'm a fellow of mass, much like most of U.S. and I fill up pallets for a living to send to ships going overseas. This is fun till it comes time to shrink wrap my pallets. Our war house is big, but our equipment allotment is small. I dreamed one day of having an auto pallet wrapper!!! Much like most dreams it was smashed and dashed on the rocks of frugality. So what am I to do. I gave up, and went back to leaning over and wrapping pallets like skinny folks do.

Step 1: A Straight Well Balanced Pallet Is Important

Disclaimer: please wear proper safety attire. Steel toes boots save you from learning/doing the dance of my people. That's a joke, but safety isn't. Well then... Oh yeah, You must use your inner Jenga mastery to balance your items after pulling them. Heavy and sturdy on the bottom and weak and flimsy on top. No overhang unless its 3 inches or less. This order of things is common sense, but a lot of my warehouse brethren seem not to adept at sense, or common.

Step 2: This Could Happen to You!!!

Sometimes the wrap job isn't so tight! It sucks to lose the whole pallet of water and have to re-stack the pallet. Sooooo... I stack pallets straight and upright.

Step 3: Grab a Fork Lift.

I know a lot hinges on the forklift, and you might not have one.... Sucks to be you. J/k This is where I place my stack of pallets in an open area devoid of blocking my fellow peers.

Step 4: Place Full Pallet on Stack and Wrap!

Using a forklift place full pallet of product on stack of pallets. Please make sure it's straight and not leaning before you back the fork out. Back up, put your blades down, put the brake on and shut it down. Tie your wrap end to your top pallet, and then... Circle circle circle that pallet with wrap pulled taught, till its hard to read the writing through the multiple layers.

Step 5: This Is the Finished Product!

No more bent over backward and sweating. All neat and tidy. Put that hot mess on the dock to leave. Adiós muchacho!!!