Introduction: Auto Pet Feeder Arduino

This auto Pet Feeder can help you to feed your pet. Even if you are on the vacation, it will still keep feeding your pet every 12 hours.

The Pet Feeder I made will automatically feed them one time every 12 hours. I used the servo to control the machine. If you want to edit the times the Feeder will feed them, just go to the code and change the delay time.



1. Servo

2. Arduino Leonardo

3. Bread Board

4. Jumper Wires

5. Empty Shampoo Bottle (The one that hotels provide.)

6. A container that is big enough to include your bread board (This container should have a lid.)

7. Foods

8. Tape

9. Iron Wire

10.Mobile Charger

Step 1: Connect Your Servo to the Bread Board


The servo in the picture connected to D-Pin 2, but I connected to D-PIN 10

Step 2: Uploads the Code to Your Leonardo

Step 3: Container

1. Put your Bread Board in to a container

2. Connect your board to a mobile charger

3. Also put your charger into the board

4. Tape your servo at the edge of your container

Step 4: Make the Bottle

1. Take out your empty bottle
2. Put some food in it

3. Stick your container on the servo, where the part that turns

Step 5: Start to Feed !!