Introduction: Auto Rust Repair

This Instructable will give you instruction on repairing minor surface rust on the exterior of your vehicle. The repair is very easy and effective over a long time.

Step 1: Step One. Locate the Rust.

This is some typical rust that will show up on your vehicle. It starts out as a small bubble. Then grows if not attended to.

Step 2:

Break out the safety glasses and gloves. Using a grinder take the rust off down to the bare metal.

Step 3:

Next I used a rust killer like rust bullet or there is a product called POR-15 that works very well to coat the exposed metal. This will seal it.

Step 4:

Sand, Sand , Sand. The prep work for the spray on bed liner is a MUST. If you don't prep right the liner will not adhere correctly.

Step 5:

Using the spray on bed liner. (try a spray or two on some cardboard first to tell what type of finish you are going to have). I sprayed 3 coats on the area allowing 5 minutes of dry time between each coat. The texture will change with the distance the can is held away from the work area. This will make a nice rubber barrier to protect the rocker panels and fender wells from rocks and door dings. I plan on taping off the first 5 or so inches of the hood to make a bed liner bra on the hood as well.