Introduction: Auto-Searcher

So, I was reading fanfiction one day in my bed trying to relieve my stress. But, I felt like it was a bit of a drag to keep on scrolling the page to keep on reading. I also need to click to see the next chapter and search for the whole thing before reading it. In order to better relieve stress, I decided to create a fan fiction auto reader that can automatically move the page for me as I was reading the fan fiction so I can do nothing while I am reading. However, since I encountered problems, I instead created an auto-searcher. This could be useful if u are searching on a certain topic for consecutive days, weeks, and even months.

Step 1: Supplies

A piece of wire

Arduino Leonardo

Power Supply

Step 2: Prep Before Entering the Code

Use a wire to connect D4 and GND. This allows the Arduino Leonardo to take over your mouse and your keyboard.

Step 3: Code

Here is the code for the whole project.

The reason I put the code in setup is that I do not want the search to loop.

Step 4: Benefits of This Device...

Although, yes, bookmarks is a feature. This device still can be used in a special mode...... incognito. The things you searched up in incognito wouldn't be bookmarked (you wanted privacy for christ sake) and its very easy to forget the things you type on incognito since it has doesn't get recorded. So, you can set a specific word you are searching before using the device, and you get to search about this topic without typing a single word. Plus, the device will make it seem like you are doing Arduino. This device makes it a lot easier to go into incognito.