Introduction: Auto Turtle/fish Feeder

I'm always too lazy to feed my turtle or i forgot it, so i decide to make this simple feeder.

Step 1: What You Need:

  • Some arduino
  • Servo
  • Wires
  • Empty box from feed
  • Knive
  • Piece of plexiglass
  • Lighter

Step 2: Preparing Parts

You need to make hole with knive and lighter. It must be sufficiently large so granules may fall trught.

Holder from plexiglass is very easy to make, it need only to warm with lighter, if you can see little bubbles in that glas it prepare to bent, if you bend it, wait several sec to make it hard.

So you can glue everything together. I used second glue and hot glue gun for sure.

If you glue box to servo, meke sure, that the hole is up, and if turn 180 deg it will down

Step 3: Arduino Program

In future I want to use RealTimeClock module to set feeding time. I have one RTC module, but it doesn't work, so I must wait to arrive second one.

Step 4: Finish

And there is, how it works. :)

Video: 1# Auto feeder

Video: 2#Auto feeder