Introduction: Auto Watering Machine

The Auto Watering Machine is for watering plants when there's imposible to give water by somebody. For example when you go out for traveling or for working during a week or more days, that's if in the summer the plants maybe should be watered every day. And if you use this machine you should not worry about that, because it will water the plants automaticly.

Step 1: Sketching & Mapping

Thinking about how does the machine work, and sketch the map.

Step 2: Preparing

And I need a Senor, Board, Cable, Relaies, a LED, and a fountain Pump.

For buying the Senor, Board, Cable, Relaies for switching on or off the pump.

You can find them here:

the list for online ordering as here:

1,Seeed Studio Grove - Feuchtigkeitssensor

2,Seeed Studio Seeeduino Lotus - ATMega328 Board with Grove Interface

3,Grove universal 4 Pin converter Cable - 20CM

4,5V 2 Channel Relay Shield for Arduino

Step 3: Write the Code

Using the Arduino to write the code.

For learning about you can log in the website of arduino

Step 4: How Dose the Machine Work

To use the machine

1, Inserting the sensor into earth of plants.

2, Set the numbers for sensor(depend on needs of plants)

3, When the sensor give infomation about the earth, if it was lower than the numbers, the relay will switch on the pump to give water to plants.

4, When the palnts get enough water, the relay will switch off the pump to give water and stop working.