Introduction: Auto Watering Plant Nursery 2.0

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Last year i made the 1.0 version, i have made alot of improvements to it this year here is 1.0 instructable

This is just for the improvents i made to the system the basic construction is explained in the other instructable

here's what you need to build the whole thing

1 subpump
1 large barrel
3 wire shelf's
a lot of plastic tubing
some large trays that are as big as the shelfs
some thing to plant the seeds in
1 timer powerstrip

The major improvements to this is the 4 tier shelves i used instead of the single level i use last year, also the way i snaked the tubing through the shelving.

next year im going to double the number of shelf's and plants.
 Here is what i set the timer for
MON ON 7 PM - OFF 7:01
WED ON 7 PM - OFF 7:01
FRI ON 7 PM - OFF 7:01
SUN ON 12 PM - OFF 12:01

and seems to work great just enough water, also had a problem with mold or mildew, i used a organic fungicide and this stopped it.

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