Introduction: Auto Change RGB Led Fan for PC

I had order a bag of 100 rgb led so i get in thought to change any led in any device with rgb.. lol

Sorry this is my first instuctubleand it is a little mesh..

Step 1: Materials

1 pc fan transparent so the light can pass trough..

3 auto change rgb leds 5 mm

3 resistors 1 K om

40 cm thin cable

Step 2: Tools

Solder Iron with fine tip..

solder stand helper..

hot glue gun.

optional dremel

Step 3: Preperation

Solder the resistors with the anode of the leds as like the pic..

Desolder the old leds or in case of led fan and solder the rgb leds. if the hole is for 3mm led u should open it more with the solder iron or with dremel.


Make 3 holes as i tag them in foto with the Soldering iron or with a dremel in case of simple type fan.. in the size of ur rgb leds... Also u have to solder to wires to the red+ and -black in the back of the fan to power the leds..

Step 4: Fix...

Put the led in the holes and glue them.....

connect the + cable to the resistors and - to the cathode of the led...

Dont connect the led in series, only parallel..

Step 5: Test Time...

Connected to ur pc or to ur supply unit ant test it..

if no led light up and fan is spinning u connect wrong the power or the resistors...