Introduction: Auto Street Light Switch Using Ldr and Ic 555

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Hello everyone this is my first instructables of automatic twilight switch using ldr this is simple project for beginners like me the main purpose of this project is it will automatically switched on when its dark and automatically off in day
i used a very simple and popular timer ic 555

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

the things u will need
1. ic555 and ic base ( socket of ic )
2. 3-6 light emitting diodes
3. pcb board
4. ldr
5. switch
6. 9 volt battery with snap
7. 470 ohms resistor
8. 50k ohms potentiometer
9. bread board

Step 2: Check Your Circuit on a Bread Board

connect all of your components according to the schematics
make sure the leds you are connecting 3-4 leds make sure connect them in a parralel

Step 3: Check It Is Working or Not

There may be two problems found on your circuit first is that set the potentiometer sensitivity if its low or too high may be the leds glowing all the time or not not glowing and the second is your connection are not connected according to schematics

Step 4: If It Start Working Solder It on Your Pcb

while you are soldering all the materials you can add any capacitor with leds that will help to make them glow instantly even in low light conditions and the resistance is depending on your led in my case i used a small notifying led thats why i connected two resistors in series

Step 5: Have Fun

you got your own dark sensor now
you can now connect it on your science fair model according to you