Auto Weather Stripping Repair




Introduction: Auto Weather Stripping Repair

The weather stripping on my car door kept coming loose. I tried to have it fixed at two dealerships and they failed. I came to the conclusion it would be easier to fix it myself . Since I was going to this much effort anyway, why not document it so others can learn? I originally published this on my hobby website, but then realized people would actually see it if it was on
Though this did not seem hard to repair, apparently it is.

Step 1:

Here is the problem. Everytime the right rear door is opened on my 2008 TarusX, the weatherstripping falls down. It would only be a matter of time before the tire chewed it up.

Step 2:

Step one is to clean up the dirt and grit that had accumulated because it had no weatherstripping to protect it.

Step 3:

Shoe Goo, it is probably not Ford approved for this application, but when this project became mine, I used what I had.
FWIW: I've had great luck using this in other applications. It is flexable and was on hand.

Step 4:

Place a drop every few inches, be sure the adhesive stays inside the channel where the weather stripping contacts the metal.

Step 5:

Press the weather stripping firmly into place.

Step 6: All Finished

Stand back and consider opening a shop to compete with the dealership.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, This instructable was an answer to being angry that my local ford dealer said I would be charged to fix this, even though the car was still under warranty.
    It has been a good car despite a few quality flaws (such as this), It is time to replace it.  I'm looking at something other than Ford, I like the cars, but service is important also.