Introduction: AutoGolfer

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida (

In this instructable, you will comprehend the detailed components of the Autogolfer and how each part complements the other. You will also learn how to make it so that you can enjoy using it to hit balls.

Step 1: Tools & Items Required
Tools Required:

1.3D printerSoldering

2.Vernier Calipers

3.Power Drill

4.Drill bit set

5.Hot glue gun


Parts Needed:

1.Black Box (for electronics)

2.Arduino UNO

3.Small breadboard


5.Birch slab



8.Y2D - Stepper Motor

Step 1: Put Together Arduino System

1.conect the y2d stepper to the motor shield and connect the motor shield to the 5v and GND pin on the breadboard

2. connect in1 to pin 10 all to in 4 to pin 13 on the Arduino

3. connect servo voltage directly to 3 v on Arduino and servo GND directly to GND on Arduino and connect the yellow pin to pin 6 on Arduino

4.conect the HCSR04 GND and Voltage to the GND and V on breadboard

5. connect the echo to pin 3 and trig to pin 5

Step 2: Code

Its described in the video

Step 3: 3d Print and Assemble Parts

1.3d print all STL files

2.put together like you see in the image

3. may have to drill a few holes in right axel to get stepper to fit

4. use threaded rubber for better traction.

Step 4: Final Assembly

1.drill two holes for the sonar to look through and a hole for servo and stepper to connect to Arduino in the box

a) make sure to allign holes where you want sonar to be spaced from the paddle

b) the sonar needs to see the paddle when the servo is extended