Introduction: AutoWaterFlora : the Self Watering Plant

This is a self watering plant apparatus which will start the pump for specific time and at specific intervals.

The project works on the simple timer of Arduino Uno board and will initiate the pump to work for specific time at specific intervals. I have taken the pump working time as 2 seconds and interval as 6 hours.



Arduino Uno :

Motor Shield :

Pump :

Adapter :


Hot Glue Gun


Some more materials

A potted plant

Old plastic container for water

Step 1: Uploading the Code


The code is quiet simple and easy to understand.

#include // Add the AFMotor Library to the IDE

AF_DCMotor motor(2); // Make a motor object on the second motor output

void setup() {

motor.setSpeed(100); // Set the speed of the motor;

} void loop() {; //Start the motor

delay(2000); //Time for the pump to work = 2 seconds, can be changed as per needs; // Stop the motor

delay(21600000); //Pump interval = 6 hours, can be changed as per needs

Step 2: Wiring

Do the wiring of the components as per this diagram. Note that the Shield is attached to Arduino Uno (on top).

Motor to be connected on M2 terminal and the power source as per negative positive.
The Shield to be on top of Arduino Uno.

Step 3: Important Step

Add the AFMotor library:

  1. Download the Attached compressed folder.
  2. To add the library go to Sketch tab > Include Library> Add .ZIP library> Select the compressed folder of this file.

Also using the glue gun paste the motor in the plastic container.

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