Introduction: Automata

how to build an automata


You will need a sketch of the automata, square, tape measure, 3 tennis ball containers, 3 water bottles, scissors, saw, pliers, wire, wire cutters, hole saw drill bit, circle compass, glue, 1/4in. wooden dowl, cardboard

Step 1: Sketch

Draft the detailed plans for your automata

Step 2: Tracing Out the Circles

Using the tennis ball container as a template trace out 12 circles

Step 3: Cutting Out the Circles

After tracing the circles cut them out

Step 4: Gluing Circles Together

Next, take 2 circles, and glue them together for thickness and durability. repeat this process with the rest of the circles.

Step 5: Finding the Center Point of Circle

Find the center point of the circles by using the tape measure and square

Step 6: Making the Frame

Cut a 10" by 6" section of the box off to form the frame/block for your automata

Step 7: Supports

Cut 2 6" squares out of the cardboard by measuring it marking it with the square and tape measure. The squares will be used as bearing supports

Step 8: Cylinders

Cut off the top of the tennis ball container to make the cylinder using a utility knife

Step 9: Connecting Rods

Using the dowel as a template wrap an 8" piece of wire twice around the dowel to create a loop, then wrap the rest of the wire around the dowel, create 3 of these

Step 10: Connecting Rods

Hot glue the wire to the dowel to secure it repeat this process until all 3 connecting rods are finished.

Step 11: Frame

Using the drill and hole saw make three holes each an inch apart from each other in the block/box for the cylinders. Install the reinforcing cardboard squares/bearing supports you made earlier in between the holes and hot glue them in place.

Step 12: Assembly

Glue the dowels into the circles and put the wire loop on the center dowl before putting the next circle on to assemble the crankshaft. Assemble 3 of these, connect them together with dowels in the block/box.

Step 13: Finished Product

Glue the water bottles cap down to the wooden dowels/connecting rods. then glue the cylinders to the frame with a couple drops of glue

Step 14: Crank

Make a crank by cutting out a circle made of cardboard and gluing a piece of the dowel to it.

Step 15: Pully

Make a pully system by cutting out two cardboard circles and attach them to the frame using a couple of pieces of the dowel and some hot glue. when you're finished, add the rubber band as a drive belt. your automata is now complete