Introduction: Automata

When creating my automata, I took the first step to find out the right size for the box. The box needed to be the correct width and height for the two chopsticks to fit inside. I ended up using an old amazon prime box that was shipping books instead. Then after that step, I didn't need to use much cutting except for the four cardboard circles I had to cut out. Those four cardboard circles acted as gears of rotation for the Yugioh card to be spun around outside. When I cut out the circles, I got Elmer's glue and glued two circles together to create a thicker ring for more durability when spinning. Once those two gears were done being glued together, I ended up pressing the wood chopsticks into the circle to create a small hole to where the sticks can freely spin. After that, I had to develop a top hole for the rod to hangout vertically. I had to make sure that the vertical stick was centered correctly. Once that was finished, I had to create a horizontal hole for the flat rod to fit through. That process was relatively easy. Next, all I had to do was make sure that the gears were aligned correctly so that they can spin the Yugioh card on the outside. But one problem occurred; the vertical stick didn't have enough space for it to spin freely, so I used a plastic straw and made the vertical hole more significant for the rod to fit in freely. After that, the upright stick was able to spin and a decent enough speed for the card to rotate 360 degrees.

Step 1: