Introduction: Automata Project

For this project I used a large cardboard box to cut out all the shapes I needed. I also used one large skewer with three smaller skewers. A hot glue gun was used to connect pieces of cardboard along with a few other things. Lastly, I used spray paint and markers to add color to my project.

Step 1: Rectangle Construction

I cut out 2 pieces of cardboard for the width and then 2 pieces of cardboard for the length. Then glued them all together to form a rectangle.

Step 2: Circles and Skewers

I then cut a circle out of cardboard and put a whole in a random place on the piece of cardboard (except the middle). I repeated this process three times so I had ended up with three circular pieces of cardboard with holes in them. I made sure each piece of cardboard was the correct size to fit tightly into my skewer.

Step 3: Adding the Base

I then put two holes on opposite ends of my rectangle and fed the skewer through one hole. I put each three circular pieces onto my skewer and then continued by feeding the skewer through the other end of the rectangle so they were all secured on the skewer. I made sure each circular piece was even distances away from each other.

Step 4: Walls and Platform

I then added two walls onto my rectangle sides and added a middle layer to those walls.

Step 5: Three More Skewers

With the middle layer I added three holes big enough to fit three smaller skewers into them. Each skewer was made sure to line up with each circular piece.

Step 6: Adding Base to Skewers

I added a base to the skewers so they would be able to move up and down as the circular piece spins.

Step 7: Top Piece

I added a piece at the top of the two walls to support the three smaller skewers.

Step 8: Three Top Holes

I then added three holes to the top piece aligned with the middle platform holes. With this top layer added for security, the smaller skewers are bound to stay straight and not fall to the side when being moved up and down.

Step 9: Adjustment to Base on Smaller Skewers

After much testing, I noticed that the small skewer's bases would get stuck on the circular piece way to often as they spun. I added a second bigger cardboard piece to the bottom of the original base to help them not get stuck. This worked tremendously and completely fixed the problem. My automata was now working great.

Step 10: Color

I then spray painted my design to add some color.

Step 11: Three Objects on Skewers

I cut out three shapes from cardboard. I colored the objects and got them ready to be put on top of the skewers. My automata is sports themed so I chose a basketball, baseball, and football.

Step 12: Final Design

I glued the three objects to the automata to complete my sports themed project. It works very well and does not get stuck.