Introduction: Automate Number Memory Game

This is a Memory game so at the first round there will be two numbers to let you remember and you will have 5 seconds to type what number came out before then the next round there will be 3 numbers and you will have 6 seconds to type so every round you will have the number with three more seconds to write the answer and every round will add one more number so after you practice every day your memory might become better.

Step 1: Materials

LED *3

Keypad *1 Buzzer*1 Grove*18 Arduino resister (orange, black, and brown) *3 Arduino resister (brown blue and brown)*1

Step 2:

First, we could connect the number pet to 2,-3,4,-5,-6,7,8,-9 There are two kinds of the number pad, one of them doesn't have ABCD another one has. If we used the one that doesn't have ABCD there will only have 6 lines then we could connect to ~3,4,~5,~6,7,8 then this is all for the number pad. The second LED We're going to use 3 LED which is the Green, Red and Yellow ones. Green is for when you answer things correct, Red is when you answered wrong, Yellow is for waiting. We will connect them to any 5, 10,15, 20,25,30,35,40, 45, 50, 55 or 60 and were choosing any three of them, For example, if I choose 35 then I will need to use 40 and 45 also and three of them must be needed to connect to the Negative strip of conductive material on the breadboard, and at the right or left of the negative strip we need to use the Arduino resistant (Orange, Black, and Brown) And in front of those Arduino resistants, we are going to use line to connect to the ~10, ~11, 12. The last thing we're going to use is the speaker. Just put in anywhere we like then use one more Arduino resistant (Brown, Blue, and Brown) then use one more line to connect to GND this is one of the most important parts, if we miss this block then the program might not work or we cant even downloaded.

Step 3: Programing

The next step is to write the program into the Arduino program

Arduino Program :

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Step 4: Arduino Program Explain

In this project, we're going to use more than 300 lines of the program the most important parts are the Timer, Keypad, Buzzer, LED, game parameter, and Game pin these are the most important part during this Arduino the timer is for timing every time you guess or type the number during the game. The game pin Is for making a random number for every round so this will have more lines than others. The keypad is for the number pad so we could type the answer and send it to the computer this is very important because if we make a mistake of this one there will have like 3 kinds of answers first is the higher chance to getting it which is the number board will not work, second is that the number you type will become another kind of number for example if I type 0 in the board it might come out 1 or 2 or any random numbers, the third chance is to enter it by itself for example if I press * to start and the game will start which will trigger the number pad then the board will type any random numbers forever so take more care at this part. And the buzzer is for telling us did we answered correct or not and did we press the number or not so this is quite useful the only thing we should care about is I it really making noise is the sound different or not, the Game parameter is like almost same as the game pin but this one is helping the whole machine more because the game pin is only for the pin but this one is for how the whole machine is going to be. The last part and is the easiest one even the beginners know how to do which is the LED we will need the Green one which is the one to tell people their correct another one is yellow which is the one to tell people the game is stopped or waiting, the last one is red which is the one to tell people their wrong. after all of this then we could start the game.

Step 5: Making the Folder to Start the Game

Ok, so we need 4 folders to download or create so we could make the game start. The first one is the basic one which is the one Control the whole Arduino program, and the second is the program showing what number is coming out is actually a folder that doesn't have anything but if we put in the timer and the number 0~9 then we just have to connect to the Arduino than it will have the random numbers and it will become more and more every level, but how to connect? is very hard at this step we need two and a have steps why is it two and a have? I will answer later the first step to connect the Arduino to the data table inside the data table should have everything in the second step which is the timer and numbers then we have to get the data inside we can use CMD to do this second is as same as the last one but we have to do the Arduino program one in it then put all the data and timer and number in one folder then the timer and number thing might start to work.

Step 6: Video

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Finish Thanks for watching.