Automate Your Garage Opening Times




Introduction: Automate Your Garage Opening Times

1. Background
My 1st project with Apduino Online was about to solve a simple problem, close the garage door after sunset, when it has been left open.
We have a garage in the basement, which is used not only for car parking, but gardening tools and machines, bicycles, etc are stored there plus there is a workplace. Since there is only one entry into the basement via garage door, normally we leave it open for daily hours and close only in the evening. But sometimes we simple forget to close it and remains open for a night long and giving the chance for un-wanted visitors.

2. Scope

Close the garage door after 8PM, if it has been left open.
However the high level scope is very simple, but there shall be some sdditional logic taken into account.
a). When I'm opening the door after 8PM it must be ensured that it won't be closed automatically in few seconds, there shall be some time given (e.g. 15 minutes), until I surely parked and left the place. Of course in the morning the logic shall not close the door automatically anymore, only between 8PM and 6AM.
2. The door opener box is having an input which is working in the following way. When the button on the wall switch is pressed the motor starts to move the door into opposite direction as it was moving last time, so if the door was open then after pressing the button it will move to close. Additionally when the button is pressed during the door is moving then it stops immediately. It means, using this interface of door opener, the logic shouldn't know, how door was moved last time. It must only find the position "CLOSED".

Step 1: Materials

- Arduino MEGA, ATmega2560 + Ethernet Shield
- 12V power supply
- micro SD card for ATmega2560
- 5V relay switch
- magnetic switch
- cables
- internet connection

Step 2: Drawing

Here is a simple drawing about the solution and cabling.

Step 3: Rules to Be Created in Apduino Online

I have created some rules via Apduino Online and uploaded onto the device.
You shouldn't have to be a programmer to do this staff, the way to do the logic controlling the sensor (magnetic swith) and control the actuator (relay) is very simple.
Please visit for details and descriptions.

If you stucked for awhile, visit

In attached text file you'll find the detailed descriptions about the rules I've created.

Step 4: After 0.99 Upgrade

I have upgraded my Arduino with flash "apduino-node-0.99.20130830120537".
After the flash Apduino Online upgraded the logic automatically with new hierarchy (using Conditions, Actions and Jobs).

Attached the new logic description, created by Apduino Online based on legacy configuration.

Step 5: Optimized Configuration With Latest 0.99 Apduino Release

Since 0.99 release has a lot of new functionality I optimized and simplified the logic.
With the new logic I could save a lot of memory too, before ramfree was 3166, now after the optimization ramfree=3314.
Description of optimized logic is attached.

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    5 years ago

    this awesome I havw wemos mini would love to make this could I see your drawing thanks


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm having the same problem. Would like to see your configuration. Will you be updating with the new release of APduinOS as it has a different names and structure of how relays and logic is handled. Thanks rik


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good stuff, rtf file seems to be corrupt when opening with MS Office 2010, I had to open it with WordPad.