Automate Your Home

Introduction: Automate Your Home

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Make your home a smart home using relay switches and Bluetooth and control your appliances using your android smart phone.

Very easy.

Cheap, Components are easily available int he market.

Components required:-

1.Arduino Uno R3

2.220V relay module

3.HC-05 Bluetooth module

4.5V &12V power supply


6.Appliances to be controlled(say, table lamp)

Step 1: Components

Step 2: Connections

Connect all the components according to the given diagram.

This is two relay module, so a maximum of two appliances can be connected. If you want to connect more appliances you need to add more relay switches or module in the connection.

Step 3: Arduino Code

Step 4: Android App

This App is built using MIT App Inventor.

Either you use the "ON"/"OFF" button or you can text using the space provided.

Step 5: Video

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