Introduction: Automate Your Desk Lamp!

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I automate my home desk lamp using littleBits, a rapid prototyping tool. I then remix it to allow myself to turn the light on/off by sending it a text from my phone!

Step 1: Find Your Lamp

Find your lamp. You want to find one that is turned on/off using a dial. This system will only work if your dial can turn your light on/off with a 90 degree turn.

Step 2: Connecting Your Servo Bit to Your Lamp

Connect your servo bit to your lamp using heavy duty double stick tape. You will want to use the disk-like coupling that comes with your servo bit. This will allow for the best contact to your lamp dial.

Step 3: Create a LEGO Enclosure

Create a Lego enclosure in order to keep the non-moving part of the servo bit in place. The enclosure makes sure that your disk-like coupling spins, instead of your whole motor. The rectangular hole on the top of the enclosure is where the non-moving part of your servo motor bit will go.

Step 4: Secure Your LEGO Enclosure

Tape your LEGO enclosure down with heavy duty double stick tape.

Stick your Lego enclosure to your lamp. Make sure that the non-moving part of the servo motor is secured by your Lego enclosure, by sticking it through the rectangular hole.

Connect your dimmer and power bits to complete the circuit. You are now ready to go! Turn the dimmer all the way in both directions in order to turn your light on and off.

Step 5: Go Wireless!

Use the cloudBit ( to control your lamp by sending it a text!

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