Introduction: Automated Injection Molding Machine for Plastic Recycling

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Hi there :)

This Instructable is about our "automated injection molding machine for plastic recycling". (called: Smart Injector)

The idea behind the machine is to offer a decentralized plastic recycling solution. Recycling is often limited to big industrial plants, although it can also be done in a small scale and decentralized. Unfortunately, there are not many affordable machines for automated injection molding. Especially none with the focus on Recycling. That is why we built this machine. We want to provide the knowledge for automated and accessible plastic recycling.

The machine runs with an Arduino and melts shredded plastic waste into a new product. All of it completely automatic.

Here we want to share all the information on how we built the machine, give you the needed material and information to build one yourself and also we hope to get you inspired for plastic recycling. It is very welcomed that you build an even better machine and share your knowledge back ;)

The project on Instagram: sotop_recycling

The project on GrabCAD:


- Guide.pdf for understanding how the machine is build

- BOM with links to the needed components and information

- CAD of the Smart Injector

- Blueprints and Circuit diagrams

- Software that we use to run the machine

- link to the Dropbox with additional pictures

Step 1: Enjoy This Video ;-) and Read Carefully the Guide.pdf

For understanding the machine, we highly recommend to read the Guide.pdf first.

The PDF contains the most important information and gives you an idea how all the info is structured.

In the BOM you find the needed parts with links to where we got them from. Also, we added comments on the used components and what we would do different the next time.

Step 2: Get a Grip on the Design

To get every detail of the machine, we added a veeery big CAD file. The machine is rather complex. That is why you should understand the design very well, before you consider building it :)

Step 3: Check Out the Blueprints and Circuit Diagrams

Some of the parts can be a bit complex for manufacturing. For an easier process you can find here the blueprints for the most crucial parts of the machine. Also, there is a Circuit diagram, that shows you how to wire the electronic components.

Step 4: Download the Program and Take a Look at the Additional Pictures in the Dropbox

Adding all the program files in this instructable was not so easy. So, we recommend you to download them from the dropbox below.

This project is very new and we do not exactly know where problems for you might occur. That's why we added a ton of pictures ordered into subgroups in the following Dropbox. You will also find every other file that we attached here in this Dropbox. When the machine is updated, new versions are uploaded here :)

Step 5: Build the Machine and Start Your Recycling!

We hope you have all the things you need! Then you can accept the challenge and build the machine for yourself if you like to :). The pictures in this step show some of the products we created with the Smart Injector. We worked with a phone cover mould for iPhone7 and iPhone8. That's a very complex shape and it can be made with this machine in a decent quality (the materials used for these covers were for example flower pots, creme cups, chocolat papers,..). Please, we do not want to see this machine running with new plastic pellets. The focus of the project is plastic recycling, reducing plastic waste and creating great products while doing so.

We would love to see what modifications and improvements you do. Please keep the knowledge accessible and share them back :)


Manuel from SOTOP-Recycling

If you like what we do and you think it is worth a Tip, our PayPal is: We appreciate every new cent, that we can put into the development of this machine. If you think the project is shit, let us also know what you think of it and why ;)

The project on Instagram: sotop_recycling

The project on GrabCAD:

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