Introduction: Automated Opening Drawer With Arduino

We created a Automated Opening Drawer

Step 1: Build the Box and Drawer

In order to build, you will need the following materials:

-Ply wood (amount depending on how big you plan on making it)

-Table Saw




-Draw a sketch of your box, drawer, and track system with dimensions

-Apply the dimensions to the ply wood

-Cut out the wood

-Glue the pieces together for the box

-Nail the pieces together

-Put together the track and glue it down

-Put together the drawer and place it inside the box on the track system

Step 2: Collect the Necessary Materials Needed to Create the Latch.

For this instructable, you will need the following components in order to complete the latch:

- 12V Solenoid

-Arduino UNO



-Relay module

-IR receiver

-IR transmitter

-PIR Sensor (optional if IR transmitters and receivers are not available)

Step 3: Coding the Latch Mechanism

In order to code the IR latch mechanism, you will need to consult a guide in order to code the PIR sensor to activate when triggered.

In order to code the PIR sensor to activate the solenoid, you will need to create a set of coding that will activate the circuit on the relay when the PIR sensor is triggered.

Step 4: Putting Together the Whole Mechanism.

Once the coding and drawer mechanism are finalized, then all you will need to do is assemble the drawer. In order to fully assemble the drawer you will need to install the latch mechanism inside the shell of the drawer as well as insert the drawer. Once the latch is flush can fully function, take the drawer out and insert the spring that will shoot out the drawer when the latch is released. Finally, insert the drawer back into the shell and it is done.

Keep in mind that we did not physically finish this project, however, this is to give you a basic guide on how to do so if you would want to build this instructable.