Introduction: Automated Revolving Door With Mediatek Linkit One

Have You Ever Wondered U Can Make An Automated Revolving Door With the Famous Mediatek Linkit One Board!!!! In this Instructable, I will Show you A Prototype of The Door Just with The Magic Of Servo Motors, IR Sensor and The Boards....Lets Begin..

Step 1: Requirements

U will Need :

  • 2-5 Kgf cm Torque Servo Motor
  • IR Sensor Module
  • Mediatek Linkitone Board
  • Cardboard Pieces For The Door Prototype
  • Connecting Wires
  • USB Cable For Board

Step 2: Connections

Servo Motor Connection:

  • Red Wire:5V on Board
  • Black Wire:GND on Board
  • Out Wire: D9 Digital Pin On Board

IR Sensor Module Connection:

  • Vcc: 5v On Board
  • Gnd : GND
  • Out :D3 Digital pin On Board

So The Basic working Of The Circuit Is That as Soon as The Person Stands Near The Door The IR Module will Detect Which Will Activate The and Then Steps The Servo Motor at angle of 45degree thus making The Person Open The Door....And Then The Motor Comes Back To Its Initial Position

Step 3: Code,Compile and Run

Upload The Code and You are Ready To Go!!!!! Congratulations U have Successfuly Made Automated Revolving Door With The Mediatek Linkit One Board.....

Thanks For Watching This...Have Fun!!!!