Introduction: Automated Shopping List

Welcome at the Instructable about how to make an automated shopping list.

Recognize the struggle that you forgot that one thing you had to buy because you eat it all?
With this gadget don't have to struggle any more.

The idea explained:

The idea is to have a rectangular box on your counter top. The box has an camera in it with which it can scan products.
The scanned products are put on a list in your Remember the Milk account.

Stuff needed:

  • Wood
  • Old Android phone
  • Cheap flipover case for the Android phone (or some other casing to hold the phone)
  • Autodesk fusion 360 (or some other 3D software program)

Skills needed:

  • Little woodworking
  • Knowing how to install an app on a phone via USB

Step 1: Make a 3D Model

Before we start with actually making the box, we first make an 3D model.

This is handy for you to get it visualized and while making the model, you will encounter possibilities and impossibilities. Better to encounter them in this step than in the building step!

The structure to hold the phone in place will be an foamy rectangle in which the phone came.

Step 2: Make the Case

The case I made isn't exactly the case I drew in the previous step, but this was a more appropriate design because it would be to big.

At first you take the case (the black thingy you can see in the pictures) and make holes (if there aren't holes already) on the places where the camera and the charging area would be.

After that you measure the case and add the thickness off the wood on all four sides.

With that measures (in my case 12,8 cm x 17,6 cm) you saw 2 plates.

Now measure the thickness off the case, because we want to know what the width should be off the upright edges. In my case, the thickness off the case is 2 cm.
Now you can make the upright edges. I wanted the left and right sides to be edge to edge and the bottom and top sides fall between the left and right sides. So I saw 2 times 2 cm x 17,6 cm and 2 times 2 cm x 10,4 cm

To make sure the wood doesn't split when screwing it to the bottom, drill some holes first where you want the screws to be.

After you screwed the wood to the bottom plate of the case, make the holes for the camera and the charging area in the wood. I used the foamy case to know where to drill, but that's up to you.

When done making the holes, glue the (foamy) case to the wood.

Now try to fit the phone in the case and check if the camera hole is big enough by using the phone's stock camera.
Check if the charging cord can fit through the hole and in the phone. If those things can't, make the appropriate adjustments to make them fit.

Make holes in the second plate and screw the plate to the case, and then unscrew it a little. That plate serves as a lid now. Make sure you can get it off easily, because you will need the phone for the next step.

Step 3: Install the App on the Phone

Install the app on the phone, make sure you have the Barcode Scanner from ZXing Team installed on the phone too.

In the app you can login to Remember the Milk, so make sure you have an account on that site.

Accept the app and click on the Done button when the authentication is finished.

The scanner will start automatically and will keep you phone awake, so you don't need to worry about the sleep settings on the phone.

Have fun!