Introduction: Automated Shutdown After Rendering/Encoding

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In this Instructable i'm going to show you how you can automate the shutdown after your computer finishes encoding. You can use basically any render program that has a list of projects that need to be encoded.

It checks wether a file was created and if it is it shuts down the computer.

Step 1: 1: Download the Program

Step 2: 2: Starting the Program and Setup

To start the program on windows you just need to double click it.

For linux/ubuntu/mac os you need to start the application using the terminal. To do this open up a terminal window.

In this terminal type: java -jar path/to/AME Shutdown.jar

After a few seconds it will ask you for your root password. This is needed to excecute the shutdown command.

Now you can proceed with the setup.

First you need to select the folder where the final file will be rendered to after your queue ended.

In Adobe Media Encoder i just setup an image that will be rendered as final.mp4 on my desktop.

The path is: C:\Users\Username\Desktop and the filename: final.mp4

Then check the box "enabled". The program is now setup and will shutdown your computer once the file appears.

It uses a 60second timer to give the computer a bit of extra time in the end.