Introduction: Automated Light Switch

This low tech solution
allows you to turn on or off your lights with just a pull of a string
you could just put in another switch next to your bed but this is i think cooler
And a conversation starter


Knex piece
rubber band
caribeaner clip
wall hooks

Step 1: Automated Lighswitch

put a caribeaner clip over the switch then duct tape the knex piece to the switch so it looks like this

attach a string to each end
     A. the bottom string goes to the weight, which is rubberbands, this keeps the light off . Tie the string to the rubberbands then tie the rubberbands to someplace make sure it is tight and keeps the light off

You might be working in the dark for a while sorry

     B. the other end goes to wherever u want it to go

Step 2: Automated Light Switch

Loop the string around corners with the hooks till you get it where you want it to be

Step 3: Automated Light Switch

To turn the light on pull on the string and tie it to something
to turn it off let go of the string and the rubberbands will pull the switch down and off

it might take some adjusting with the right length and right weight but just keep trying
mine works great  and i use it everyday now.

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