Introduction: Automatic Blinking Light

This is an Arduino light that blinks in the dark. This is a simple project for starters.

You can this when you are at home and you want to sing KTV by yourself.

Step 1: Step 1: Write the Code

the link for the code online: code

You can change the delay time for the LED blinking

digitalWrite( 12 , HIGH ); // sets the light on

delay( 1000 ); // wait for a certain time (can be changed)

digitalWrite( 12 , LOW ); // sets the light off

delay( 1000 ); // wait for a certain time (can be changed)

Step 2: Step 2: Prepare All Things Needed

(Arduino official website)

things that should have:

micro USB connector *1

Arduino Uno Rev3 *1

jumper wires male *7

LED light 3mm*1

Photoresistor *1



you can also prepare a case for it if you want to make it prettier.

Step 3: Step 3: Make the Circuit

negative: black wires

positive: red wires

LED: orange wire

Photoresistor: green wire

Step 4: Step 4: Connect the Arduino to Your Computer

when you are all prepared for the steps, you will have to connect the Arduino to your computer.

Press the upload to upload your code onto the Arduino, if you have done all things correctly, the LED light will blink in the dark.

Step 5: Finished