Automatic Book Scanner

Introduction: Automatic Book Scanner

This document outlines the process which to complete a fully functional automatic book scanner.

Step 1: Build base 

Step 2: Built motor control circuit

Step 3: Program Arduino Controller 

Step 4: Download Server Software

Step 1: Build Base

Attached below are the detailed base drawings to construct the base 

Step 2: Build Motor Control Circuit

The circuit below built for each stepper motor, simple MOSFET and resistor circuit connection between the arduino and motor.

Step 3: Program Ardiuno, WebCAM,

Reference the code at this code can be copied and pasted to the ardiuno board to control the motor.

Step 4: Download Server Software

Retrieve the server software for the Backend and the Frontend webcam controller from Download the package and from the command line type ' ./rails server '

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Your project looks great, but your instructable needs work.

    First off, "" is not a website. I think you spelled DIY wrong, and also meant .org.

    More importantly though, all you have is some (well drawn, btw) drawings of the base, but nothing on how to actually build it or make it work. I was especially hoping to learn on how the page turner works, but there is absolutely nothing on that at all.

    I mean, I hate to be critical, but please try to look at your instructable from the perspective of an average reader. We all like what you've done, (we really do!) but we know nothing about it. You need to show us how to do it.