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Introduction: Automatic Center Punch Fix

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This spring loaded automatic center punch has been a very handy item for making a small dimple where the center of a hole needs to be. I can use a small drill in the dimple to make a center for a larger drill. But, a “C” ring (second photo) opened through use and came off. Then the pointed scribe could easily slide out of the punch when I tipped the punch, and there was a risk of losing the pointed scribe. This Instructable will show an easy fix for the problem.


Stainless steel wire 0.018 inch (.457mm) in diameter

Step 1: Open the Punch

The knurled body of the punch unscrews. Shown are the internal parts: a plunger with its spring, and the pointed scribe. It has been several years since I made this fix. A new “C” ring would seem to be a logical solution, but I had trouble finding a “C” ring the proper size, I could find a “C” ring with the correct internal diameter, but the external diameter was too large to fit inside the space for it.

Step 2: Stainless Steel Wire

Someone once gave me some stainless steel wire. It is 0.018 inch or .457mm in diameter. You can buy it here. It fits into the groove nicely on the pointed scriber.

Step 3: Twist and Cut the Wire

I wrapped the stainless steel wire around the groove on the pointer scribe and twisted the two ends together with a pair of pliers. I bent the twisted portion up so it does not catch on the insides of the punch body. I thought this would be only a temporary fix until I could find the proper “C” ring. But, this fix has worked better than the original “C” ring. It has been flawless and has given good service for several years. The wire has not broken at the twist. It simply works like it should.

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    Question 9 months ago

    I where found electronic cuircuit

    Phil B
    Phil B

    Answer 9 months ago

    There is nothing electronic in this Instructable. What did you mean?