Introduction: Automatic Chicken Farm & Sorting System

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This farm kills your chickens & cooks the meat and then collects it all and sorts the cooked chicken from the feathers and puts the in there own chest. The sorting system idea came from youtube and I put it together with a chicken cooker farm idea for this instructable. Hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: What You Need

35 blocks of your choice (I did Birch wood planks)
40 glass
2 chests
2 trapped chests
1 lava bucket
11 Redstone
16 hoppers
2 item frames
3 Redstone repeaters
2 Redstone torches
3 Redstone comparators
23 cooked chicken
23 feathers
1 dispenser
1 stone slab

Step 2: A Platform

First stack up 10 blocks and break all but the top one. Now make a platform with the top block that is 4x5. Now replace the 4 blocks (as shone in the picture) with hoppers pointing forwards Now following the pictures place the next hopper pointing towards the last hopper towards the right block. The hoppers now should all lead to the last block.

Step 3: Redstone

Replace the last block on that platform with a hopper pointing down (remember leave a 1 block edge around the 6 hoppers) put another hopper underneath the last one you just placed. Now place a dispenser and a block under it. Behind the Dispenser place another block. Next to the dispenser and the block you just placed make a 3x2 platform (as shone in the picture) next to the dispenser place a redstone comparators and a repeater in front of it. Now place the redstone dust like you see in the picture (you should have placed 5 redstone)

Step 4: LAVA!

Place your stone half slab on the bottom half of the dispenser and put glass around it (as you see in the picture) then put your lava bucket right above the half slab and block up the hole in the glass so the lava does not get out. Now put a hopper directly underneath the half slab pointing down. At this point the chicken cooker is done if you don't want to add the sorting system just place a chest underneath the last hopper. I you wan't to add a sorting system read on.

Step 5: Now to Add the Sorting System

Now for the sorting system. Put another hopper underneath the one you just placed in the last step also pointing down. Then underneath that one place 3 hoppers all pointing to the left. Then 2 more pointing back. On those 2 hoppers on one of them in the first slot put 18 feathers then in each of the others put 1. Now do the same thing with the other one but with cooked chicken.

Step 6: More Redstone!

Now place another 2 hoppers pointing forwards. Then a 2x2 platform right in front of the bottom 2 hoppers. Now looking at the second picture on this step copy the layout of the wood and put the 2 redstone torches under the bottom hoppers. So on the last part you made something behind the hoppers so now following the pictures put 2 redstone comparators and then 4 redstone dust. Put the redstone comparators on subtract mode (by clicking LT on it) . Now (still following the pictures the third one this time) put 2 repeaters.

Step 7: Almost Done!

Now on the empty platform that the hoppers lead to place your 2 chests and your 2 trapped chests next to each other. Now grab your item frames and following the second picture place the item frames on the wood below the chests and put your last feather and cooked chicken in them. Where you put them depends on where you put the 22 of each in the hoppers. Now go back to the top and put walls and a roof on the first platform and spawn the chickens in. And your now done. Go to the next step to see how it works.

Step 8: How It Works

So how it works is the chickens lay eggs and they go into the dispenser and that shoots them out and sometimes a chicken will come out of it and it will sit on the half slab till it grows up then it dies in the lava and the stuff goes into the sorting system. I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Dote forget to vote.

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