Automatic Diy Door Closer With a Bottle

Introduction: Automatic Diy Door Closer With a Bottle

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Today I making a diy door closer which is easy to make in just 5 minutes it is useful if your annoying siblings or roommates doesn't bother to close the door after the leave the room ,if you want to see in action please watch the video.


1 liter plastic bottle

Nylon strip

1 x 1.5 inches screw

Step 1: String to Bottle

tie a knot to bottle under cap area with nylon strip and tighten with two knots

Step 2: Giving It Weight

Fill up the whole bottle with water to it gets it's weight when pulling back door with it's weight

Step 3: Placing Anchor

tighten the screw on the center of the door frame just a little bit over the door in the center

Step 4: Secure the Weight

tie a knot to the screw with bottle attached to it ,as soon as someone opens the door will be closed by the bottle weight pushing the door back to it's close position.

Hope you like the tutorial please watch the video if you want to see it in action.

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    2 years ago

    So simple, but so clever. Excellent idea!