Introduction: Automatic Dog Water Bowl

I have 2 dogs who live in an outdoor kennel. During the summer it's difficult for me to keep up with keeping their water bowl filled. So I made this. My dogs like to chew so everything has to be "chew proof". I made 1 box (with the round lid) to hold the auto fill valve (akin to our toilet bowl tanks). This box is outside of the dog kennel. This is connected via a short garden hose to the water bowl which is located in the dog kennel. I put the buckets in boxes for 2 reasons; to try to keep the water cooler during the summer and to protect all hoses and connection from being chewed up. So around the bucket lips I've sealed it to the wood box with waterproof epoxy and inside the box I've sprayed in insulating foam.

Step 1: "Fill Valve Bowl"

There are 2 connections in this box. The Connection on the left is water inlet with a shutoff valve. This is where i connect my garden hose. The connection on the right is the output hose with a quick disconnect. This connects to the water bucket where the dogs will drink. A lid was made to keep debris out

Step 2: Interior of Fill Valve Bucket

White piece is a toilet fill valve that works without a float. The black tube is the overflow tube, I just hooked it up and it runs water into the hose that feeds the water bucket

Step 3: Drinking Water Bucket

The one hose is the feeder hose that fills the bucket with water. Both boxes will be primed and painted or sealed with polyurethane. The bottoms of the boxes are finished with treated wood planks. Because the drinking bucket is 14 inches tall I may have to make a step to help my dogs reach the water.

There are easier ways to keep the dog's water bowls filled but I thought I'd give this idea a try. What do you think?

Step 4: Update

I added a shade to the drinking bucket to help prevent debris (leaves, mainly) from falling in. And with the valve bucket I should have put the water inlet hose on the opposite side of the output hose, because now I struggle to add the garden hose to the connection because it's right against the dog run.