Introduction: Automatic Dustbin

This is probably the most convenient dustbin ever, it is designed for lazy people like us. ;) By using this dustbin you don't need to touch bin's lid anymore. Sometimes the bin's lid can be dirty, which contain bacterias and viruses that we don't desire. The use of the bin is that it will automatically open the bin's lid for you when you want to throw stuff in a bin. By the use of Arduino and an ultrasonic sensor to control the lid. The bin suits everyone suits both children, adults, and the old; and no matter what gender you are this bin is going to be a bin with high quality and not expensive. It can also be used anywhere in your house or your workplace (anywhere you want).

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Thanks for your Idea of creating this amazing product :)

Step 1: Preparing and Opening

The materials we need are: -Arduino Board -ultrasonic sensor -Wire -Rubber band -Scissors -Plastic tape -Hot glue guns -Designing equipment (colors and paints) -Servo -Plastic board

After preparing all the equipment required (as listed above). You need to cut the plastic board in half and stick it together with plastic tape to make it easier to fold and unfold it.

#Please follow the instruction and that has been described in the picture

Step 2: Add the Ultrasonic Sensors

The second step is you need to use a scissor to cut a hole in the plastic bin, in order to insert the ultrasonic sensors from the inside of the bin. (Cut it nice and smooth to make it look nice.)

Step 3: Place the Plastic Circle

Place the plastic circle that you cut in the first step and use a hot glue gun to stick it on the plastic bin. (Just half of the circle, so the Arduino can automatically fold and unfold the lid easily.)

Step 4: Place the Servo

Poke a hole on the lid; so when you place the servo, you can hide the wire and make it look nice and organized. Then take a string and a rubber band and tie a knot with the string as shown in the picture and make a hole and pass it through the plastic circle. After that, tie the string with a rubber band on a side of the servo and place the servo on the plastic circle. Don't forget to glue the servo using hot glue guns.

Step 5: Programming and Coding

Arduino code :

You can click the link or the file that I posted for the code

Step 6: Design Your Bin (Picture and Videos)

Design whatever you'd like your bin to look like. For mine, I use the plastic board, cut it, and color it and try to make it looks like "Mike", character from "Monster University"