Introduction: Automatic Feeder

What Is Our Project About?
Our project is an automatic feeder for dogs. It is a simple way of feeding your dog. For example, when you are going to travel and you do not know anyone that can feed your dog for you. The automatic feeder will responsible for that.

Step 1: Materials

We used a 20L gallon of water, 3 brushes, 1 ruler, 1 pencil, blue and white paint, 1 arduino, 1 computer, 1 brad board, 1 button, resistor, food container, hot glue, tape, wood and 1 micro servo.

Step 2: We Did It

First, we cut the water gallon in the middle and painted it. After that, painted and glue the stopper with a tape ( we used tape because it is simple and it will be easier to open and close it).We cut the wood and we painted it with blue paint because we wanted to do the support. While one person was doing this part, the others two were doing the code. After we try a lot, we finally did the right code. When we finished the code, we build the Arduino. In the end, we put the Arduino in the water gallon and it worked.

Step 3: Code

1st line: introduction of the micro servo
2nd line: analog pin connects to the potentiometer
3rd: reads the analog pin
4th: setup ( defining things)
5th: attacks the servo to the servo object
6th: pinMode (input)
7th: loop
8th: reads the value of the potentiometer
9th: check the button and the buttonstate
10th: it shows if it’s high or low
11th: it rotates the servo
12th: the degrees you want to rotate
13th: other things
14th: the micro servo returns to its natural position