Introduction: Automatic Google T Rex Game Controller Using Arduino

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lets build it

Step 1: Some Intro

all off you know about the t rex aka dino game of google and it famous as no internet game.

the game is very simple just avoid the obstacles by jumping and its like super Mario run.usually to jump we use space bar manually.that's very old school for me...

so in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make that in automatic that is an automatic controller.

please watch the making video for more details

Step 2: Working Priciple

the senor

here we want to detect the obstacle and jump to detect the obstacle I am using an LDR

so how an LDR detect that kind of obstacle?

the resistance of LDR changes according to light that is when the dark time the LDR resistance is very high and vice-versa. so our obstacle is dark in colour so we can get different analog values . with that value with the help of a controller we trigger a servo.

servo is used to press the space bar. so that's the working principle

Step 3: Components Needed

arduino uno

you can use any arduino

servo motor

I am using sg90


our sensor


Step 4: Circuit Diagram and Connections

please watch the video

first, connect VCC of the servo to 5v and ground to ground

then I connected PWM pin to Arduino pin 9

connect LDR to pin a0

Step 5: Code

I am using the analog read function of Arduino and I give conditions for servo triggers

dowload from here

Step 6: Happy Making

please watch the video .if you have any doubt please comment it below

Step 7: Limitations &updations

As i said in video it has limitations

1.arduino fails to trigger down the dino when that bird comes.


Adding a ldr in the top side will detect the bird with that trigger we can control another servo(back button)

2.fails when speed increases

3.fails when colour changes (colour Inversion)


We can solve this by adding more sensors and some complex coding

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