Introduction: Automatic LED Night Light (Using 555 Timer)

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Gently got power cut !
And you finding your torch in the DARK !!! Ohh...

No worry, here is the automatic dark detected led light.

Step 1: Parts You Need

* 1M resistor
* 1K resistor
* 10 resistor
* LDR (light dependant resistor)
* Red led (2ma)
* 1W white led
* BC338 transistor
* 555 timer IC
* DC socket

Note: Use dc socket according to your charger/adapter pin.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The circuit uses main IC called 555 timer ic as it basically used in ustable and monostable modes.

The circuit is very simple to build across IC 555

Red led is provided as a Standby indicator which makes you know LDR is detecting light.

And as the darkness in the room get increased above certain limit, red led shuts off and 1W led is swiched on by transistor.

Here I have used 1M ohm resistor. You can adjust this resistance from pin 2/6 of the ic to ground(-) in order to adjust sensitivity to darkness.Less the value of the resistor, more the sensitive in dark.

Step 3: Container Box

Make the container box to best fit this instructable in it.

Step 4: Done !!

Now you got the light which get on Automatically in the dark.