Introduction: Automatic Mosquito Killing Bucket

This project gives you total rest from mosquitoes because it work automatically. You have to just make effort for one time for make it.

Step 1:

Firstly, take your mosquito killer racket and open it because we have to make some modification to make it automatic.

Step 2:

Now, take out circuit and battery so we can work on it properly.

Step 3:

In circuit we have 2 switch. 1st is two-way switch. It is On/Off switch so we leave it for now. 2nd is push-button switch which is we are looking for.

Connect it's both legs by soldering.

Step 4:

Now, last thing is battery, so in my case I have in built rechargeable battery but in your case you may have AAA battery socket so remove from their connection.

Take DC adapter. I took 5V DC mobile charge and removed it's port and take out two wire. Red is positive and white is negative.

After removing wire from battery or socket, connect circuit's positive and negative wire with DC adapter's positive and negative wire respectively.

We are done. Now screw it back.

Step 5:

Take any bucket and put this wired mosquito killer racket on it and I put some boxes to balance it properly. You can put any light source in the bucket. Plug-in adapter and switch it on.

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