Automatic Motor Winding Machine

Introduction: Automatic Motor Winding Machine

该项目的主要目标是开发一种自动绕线机,用于卷绕电机和泵的线圈,这将大大减少手动操作机器的工作量,并以最低的制造成本实现线圈绕线机的自动化理念,从而增加 自动化机器的生产力。 需要这台机器来缠绕高达18号的铜线圈。 目前,该过程是手动完成的,并且是自动化的。 自动化工厂可以持续工作,减少需求和供应之间的差距。 对于这样的机器,不需要劳动,因此没有人为错误。 没有人为错误,产品质量更好,生产成本肯定会降低。

The main objective of this project is to develop an automated winding machine to wind coils for motors and pumps that will greatly reduce an effort behind the manually operated machines and to implement the idea of automation in coil winding machine at minimum manufacturing cost that increases the productivity of automated machine. This machine is needed to wind coils of copper wires up to 18 Gauge. Currently, this process is done manually which is being automated. Automatic plants can work continuously and decreases the gap between the demand and supply. For such a machine there is no need of labour so there is no human error. Without human error, the quality of product is better and cost of production would definitely decreases.

如果您需要该机器,请与我联系: Mob / Whatsapp:+ 86-15967097588 电子邮件 自动双工位针式电机线圈绕线机用于BLDC及无刷电机槽型定子产品 概述:双工位电机定子线圈绕线机用于BLDC及无刷电机制造,采用双工位设计,用于多极定子线圈绕组。每个动作循环同时缠绕2个定子,本机器具有自动夹线,剪线功能,可设置多种绕线方式。线圈绕线机自动夹紧模具,这降低了劳动强度,大大提高了生产效率。可以通过人机界面设置插槽数和匝数;全铝合金(阳极氧化处理)加进口亚克力保护;及同时绕多股最多可以同时绕5股1.1MM铜线 电气控制,PLC,10英寸大屏幕触摸屏,相比传统人机界面接作更容易,易学易用。显示和伺服电机的设定和显示,非常安全可靠。本机器可以应用于多种无刷电机内绕锭子线圈特别适用于抽油烟机电机,卷发电机,伺服电机,无刷家用电机,步进电机,风扇电机,吊扇电机,无叶风扇电机,无刷电动工具,水泵电机,无刷医疗设备等各类直流无刷电机。

If you need this machine, please contact me: Mob / Whatsapp: + 86-15967097588 Email: Automatic double-spindle motor coil winding machine for BLDC and brushless motor slotted stator products Overview: The double-station motor stator coil winding machine is used in the manufacture of BLDC and brushless motors, with a dual-station design for multi-pole stator coil windings. Each action cycle is wound with 2 stators at the same time. The machine has automatic clamping and trimming functions, and various winding methods can be set. The coil winding machine automatically clamps the mold, which reduces labor intensity and greatly improves production efficiency. The number of slots and the number of turns can be set through the man-machine interface; all aluminum alloy (anodized) plus imported acrylic protection; and at the same time, multiple strands can be wound around up to 5 strands of 1.1MM copper wire at the same time. Electrical control, PLC, 10-inch large-screen touch screen, easier to learn than traditional human-machine interface, easy to learn and use. The display and display of the servo motor are very safe and reliable. The machine can be applied to a variety of brushless motor inner winding spindle coils, especially suitable for range hood motors, coil generators, servo motors, brushless household motors, stepper motors, fan motors, ceiling fan motors, bladeless fan motors, brushless Power tools, water pump motors, brushless medical equipment and other types of DC brushless motors.

Step 1: Automatic Double-spindle Motor Coil Winding Machine for BLDC and Brushless Motor Slotted Stator Products



如果您需要该机器,请与我联系:Mob / Whatsapp:+ 86-15967097588电子邮件:9205568@qq.com自动双工位针式电机线圈绕线机用于BLDC及无刷电机槽型定子产品概述:双工位电机定子线圈绕线机用于BLDC及无刷电机制造,采用双工位设计,用于多极定子线圈绕组每个动作循环同时缠绕2个定子,本机器具有自动夹线,剪线功能,可设置多种绕线方式线圈绕线机自动夹紧模具,这降低了劳动强度,大大提高了生产效率可以通过人机界面设置插槽数和匝数;全铝合金(阳极氧化处理)加进口亚克力保护;及同时绕多股最多可以同时绕5股1.1MM铜线电气控制,PLC,10英寸大屏幕触摸屏,相比传统人机界面接作更容易,易学易用。显示和伺服电机的设定和显示,非常安全可靠。本机器可以应用于多种无刷电机内绕锭子线圈特别适用于抽油烟机电机,卷发电机,伺服电 ,无刷家用电机,步进电机,风扇电机,吊扇电机,无叶风扇电机,无刷电动工具,水泵电机,无刷医疗设备等各类直流无刷电机。

如果您需要这台机器,请联系我:Mob / Whatsapp:+ 86-15967097588 Email:9205568@qq.com用于BLDC和无刷电机开槽定子产品的自动双主轴电机线圈绕线机概述:双工位电机定子线圈绕线机用于制造BLDC和无刷电机,采用双工位设计,用于多极定子线圈绕组。每个动作周期同时缠绕2个定子。该机具有自动夹紧和修边功能,可设定各种卷绕方式。线圈绕线机自动夹紧模具,降低了劳动强度,大大提高了生产效率。可以通过人机界面设置插槽数和匝数; 全铝合金(阳极氧化)加进口亚克力保护; 同时,多股可以同时缠绕多达5股1.1MM铜线。电气控制,PLC,10英寸大屏幕触摸屏,比传统的人机界面更易学,易学易用。伺服电机的显示和显示非常安全可靠。本机适用于各种无刷电机内卷绕主轴线圈,特别适用于抽油烟机电机,线圈发电机,伺服电机,无刷家用电机,步进电机,风扇电机,吊扇电机,无叶风扇电机,无刷电动工具,水泵电机,无刷医疗设备和其他类型的直流无刷电机。比传统的人机界面更易学,易学易用。伺服电机的显示和显示非常安全可靠。本机适用于各种无刷电机内卷绕主轴线圈,特别适用于抽油烟机电机,线圈发电机,伺服电机,无刷家用电机,步进电机,风扇电机,吊扇电机,无叶风扇电机,无刷电动工具,水泵电机,无刷医疗设备和其他类型的直流无刷电机。比传统的人机界面更易学,易学易用。伺服电机的显示和显示非常安全可靠。本机适用于各种无刷电机内卷绕主轴线圈,特别适用于抽油烟机电机,线圈发电机,伺服电机,无刷家用电机,步进电机,风扇电机,吊扇电机,无叶风扇电机,无刷电动工具,水泵电机,无刷医疗设备和其他类型的直流无刷电机。

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