Automatic Night Light

Introduction: Automatic Night Light

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Automatic Night Light . A slight detector,mostly used for home or Garden like street lighting lamps, but without any Controller Switch Using Relays etc...How to make a very simple circuit and very cheap method to build one. Responsible for lighting LED bulb. When it receives light and turns off automatically when it is dark. You can use a potentiometer informally a pot, 220k.ohm in series with the 22k.ohm resistance to get the desired effect. Weekend Project 10 minutes of free time a few tools and some desire to make something. That's all you need to build a beautiful and Efficiency Automatic Night Light source. This project is an idea come from my parents, always want a small night light in home for obvious reasons ,Thank You Dad...

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    6 years ago

    Very impressive. Will this work as shown on 120 volts or is a component change required?