Introduction: Automatic Night Light

Today I'm going to make an automatic night light for my room. It's a very cool DIY.

This is one of the Cool Circuits I have made....I think you people would probably like my project.

Step 1: Gathering Materials......

First Step in a project is planning and gathering materials.

So now lets gather the items to make the project.

Electronic components required:

  1. 1K resistors - 1 nos
  2. 50K resistors - 1 nos
  3. BC548 Transistor or any NPN Transistor - 1nos
  4. RED LED's - 4 nos
  5. LDR (400Ohm or 1000lux) - 1nos
  6. WiresBread Board - 1 nos
  7. Prototyping PCB board - 1 nos
  8. 5v Power Source or 9V Battery

Tools required:

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Wirecutter
  3. Soldering Lead

Step 2: Schematic for Automatic Light

Follow the circuit diagram.

First we will check it on bread board is it working or not.

Then we will start our soldering part.

First solder the resistors, transistor, LED's and LDR on Prototyping PCB board but its better to continue as in the circuit diagram.

If you are interested in PCB etching and need Printed Circuit. Then I will provide it in the last of this project.

Step 3: The Completed Circuit

In the first picture the light is coming and the LDR is getting light that's why the LED is not glowing but you can see in the second picture when I placed a pen cap on the LDR and LDR is not getting light then LED is glowing.

You are thing that in circuit diagram i used 4 LED's and here for testing I only used 1(WHY??)

Because I am taking precaution and I used larger values of resistors.

Step 4: Is the Circuit Diagram Is Working Properly

Yes you can see my circuit is working properly. And i solder all components on PCB Board.

Hope you like it. And now those who wants to make it by etching process and don't want to waste time on designing PCB Layout. For them here I am attaching a PDF containing 2 different PCB model of same project. Thanks and don't forget to vote me if you found it interesting.

Step 5: PCB Layout

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