Automatic Parking Sensor

Introduction: Automatic Parking Sensor

About: software engineering

park sensor idea is to show green when you have plenty of space to pull the car forward , turning yellow as you approach the fully forward position, and then red when you should stop.

the project using arduino Uno.

Step 1: Component Need

1- Arduino uno

2- ultrasonic hc-sr04

3- breadboard

4- 3 led

5- 3 540 ohm resistor

6- male-male wires

Step 2: Conncecting

1- trigger to A0 and echo to A1 in arduino

2- 540 ohm resistors are for the leds and they are connecting to the positive leg of the leds and then GPIO.

3- negative leg for the gnd

Step 3: Code

code sequence :

- if the distance greater than 25 enable the green led , else if it's in the range between 10 and 25 enable yellow led else if it less than 5 enable red led

github code link :

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