Introduction: Automatic Pet Feeder Using AtTiny85

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Step 1: The Project

The automatic pet feeder can automatically serve food to your pet timely. We use the AtTiny85 to set time and date on which your pet should be given food. So, by setting up the time according to your pet’s eating schedule, the device drop or fill the food bowl automatically.

Step 2: Components

In this circuit, we are using some components:

  • ATtiny85Display
  • Oled 0.96"
  • CR2032 battery
  • Printed circuit board (PCB)
  • 2 x push button

Step 3: The Code

You can find the code on github:

The 3 folders on github that you downloaded, should be copied to Arduino/libraries in your computer.

If you don't know how to code in an AtTiny85, look the tutorial in (The tutorial is in Portuguese but you can find it in other languages on Google).

After you set your AtTiny85 to code, go to file attiny85watch.ino and open it in your Arduino IDE. To finish the steps, compile it and upload the code.

Step 4: The Circuit

The schematic above shows the electrical circuit connections. You can download RelogioATtiny85.fzz to know the connections in the board using the Fritzing program. And you can download relogio.brd to open the PCB project using the software EAGLE CAD.

How does it work: Set the clock with the two buttons in the circuit. I coded to active the rele when the clock hits 12:00 am (you can change it, if you want). When the rele switched on, a vibracall motor start and the pet food falls.

All this files can be found here and on the link:

Step 5: Final Project

This is the final project! Test the circuit for a few days to make sure it works correctly.

Step 6: License