Introduction: Automatic Sensor Night Light

When all the socket in your bedroom is full, but you really need a little light to sleep, this automatic sensor night light will definitely be your best choice! An Automatic Sensor Night Light is a really useful thing. in my own opinion, I will definitely need a night light every night in able to sleep well, so this will help me a lot when I don't have sockets anymore in my room.

Step 1: Materials

the material list of this night light is provided under:

1x Arduino Leonardo or Equivalent and USB cable

1x breadboard

9x 220-ohm resistor

20x wires

1x Ultrasonic sensor

9x LED

1x cardboard

1x scissor


the materials above are the easy and simple ones if you would like to make your night light more colorful and more fascinating, you may add any other items you want!

Step 2: Arduino Code

boolean t = true;

int i = 12; void setup()


pinMode(12, OUTPUT);

pinMode(11, OUTPUT);

pinMode(10, OUTPUT);

pinMode(9, OUTPUT);

pinMode(8, OUTPUT);

pinMode(7, OUTPUT);

pinMode(6, OUTPUT);

pinMode(5, OUTPUT);

pinMode(4, OUTPUT);


void loop()

{ digitalWrite(i, HIGH);


digitalWrite(i, LOW);

if (t == true)


i = i - 1;




i = i + 1;


if (i < 5)


i = 6;

t = false;


if (i > 12)


i = 11; t = true;



Step 3: Circuit

the circuit shown above might be a bit messy, but this is the full version of my whole Arduino Leonardo or Equivalent and USB cable and the breadboard.

Step 4: Final Project