Introduction: Automatic Sensor Trash Can

This trash can uses the sensor to automatically switch. When the handle is close to the sensor, he will open it. When the handle is removed, he will close it. It has cotton on the top. People can sleep on the top of the trash can.

Step 1: Material

  • Bread board
  • Trash can
  • Base plate
  • Jump wires
  • 1x USB 2.0 male to Micro USB male
  • Arduino Micro & Genuino Micro

  • Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04 (Generic)

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Appearance Mechanism

  1. Prepare a small trash can
  2. Use different kind of material to make a automatic trash can.
  3. Use cotton to decorate the trash can

Step 4: Code

Step 5: Video